Volleyball is a great sport. Sometimes they play in a gym (similar to the ones at some schools) and sometimes they play on a beach in the sand. There are about seven people who play at a time. The rest of the team just sits and watches the game until your coach changes the players. If you receive the ball, you have to pass it to someone or hit it over the net that is used. There are two types of passing to your teammates: bumping it with your forearm, or setting it with your hands. To set, you must have your hands above your head. When the ball comes to you push up. To hit it over the net, you can either bump it, set it, or spike it. When you spike the volleyball, you have the palm of your hand hit it. As you do this, you have to jump up in the air. You also have to serve the volleyball to get it ready to have it in play. The server can overhand serve it or underhand serve. The overhand serve is when you throw the ball in the air, and you hit it with the palm, and it hopefully goes over the net. If it doesn’t, then the other team can score a point. An underhand serve is when you hold it in your palm, and your other hand is formed into a knuckle. You swing your non throwing hand, and hit the ball. You may have to also wear things called knee pads. They are placed over your knee cap so if you slide, you don’t hurt yourself. Some people use things called spandex, and they are like really short shorts that are very stretchy. Volleyball is a wonderful sport to play.


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  1. I love volleyball! its the best sport ever. I love your title and posts and pages.

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