Some of you may know what soccer is, and for you who don’t, I will tell you. Soccer is played with a goal and is on a grassy field. It has nets, but not like the football kicking goals. One of the equipment there is a ball in a round shape with hexagons. Some of the hexagons are black, but most of them are white. They wear shin guards, the same shoes as football, and jerseys that represent their team. They play against one other team similar football. Instead of using your hands, you use your feet. Only the goalie can use his or her hands, but if a player uses his or her hand in a play, that is a penalty. If you score a goal, then it is worth one point.

A way that you canscore a goal is simply passing it to your teammates. You would normally use the inside of your foot, and not tipically the tip of your foot.There are no extra points like football. There is a championship if you qualify. Instead of it being called a Super Bowl like in football, it is called a World Cup, and it includes billions of audiences from around the world sometimes. It is all around the country, and it is not in a certain place all the time. When you are out-of-bounds, you have the ball, that is automatically the other teams ball, or if you simply pass it, and the player doesn’t keep it in, it is like out-of-bounds. If someone scores a goal, the goalie can drop kick it, or throw the ball to his or her teammates. Soccer has been around the world different continents, and states. For more facts about the different sports, go to the tab called FUN FACTS.


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