Gymnastics is a sport that is very hard to accomplish. I was on a gymnastics team myself: and it was not easy at all. There are different levels that you can be. The levels that you compete are 1-10. After you complete a level 10, then you can go to college, or try out for the olympics. When you try out, not everybody moves on. When you reach to at least a level 4, then you can start competing against other teams. If you are levels 4, 5, or 6, then you are considered a compulsory. If you are levels 7, 8, 9, or 10, then you are considered an optional. If you are a compulsory, then you have routines already created for you. On the other hand, if you are an optional, then someone comes in called a choreographer, and helps you create a routine.

(This is what an actual gymnastics meet is like. This is programed on livre television so sorry about all of the talking!!!)

If you don’t know what four events there are, there is vault, beam, bars, and floor exercise. If during a routine you tighten your hair or pull a wedgie out, you will get deducted. If you fall on an event, you could lose up to .5 of a deduction. The highest ranking that you can get from a judge (for a single event) is a ten. The highest all-around score that you can get is a 40. When you compete you wear something called a leotard. If you are wondering what a leotard looks like, it is simply a one piece bathing suit. In competitions, you wear a leotard, but it has to have sleeves at lest covering your arm, or covering about 3/4 of your arm. This type of gymnastics is called artistic gymnastics. There is also other gymnastics called rhythmic gymnastics. If you do rhythmic gymnastics, you compete with a ball, a rope, a hoop, a ribbon, and clubs. A ball is rubber, and isn’t that heavy. The only thing that you can’t do is hold the ball or let it rest on your wrist. The rope can be used simply as a jump rope. But in between, you have to do some tricks. The hoop is shaped like a hullahoop. You do all sorts of tricks such as throwing it up, and catching it behind your back. A rope is really long, and has a stick attached to the  ribbon. The gymnast has to keep it in motion, or else you could lose points. If you compete, you must have your hair up above your shoulders, or else you could lose points.


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