As some of you may know, there are two different types of football. There is tackle football, and flag football. They are really similar, but flag football, you have flags that the other team has to pull. Tackle football, you wear a helment, knee pads, shoulder pads, specific shoes, and a jersey that represents the color of the team that you are in. Flag football has a little more safety to it. Instead of takling people, you simply pull their flag. If you watch NFL football, you are probably very familiar with what is expected. You don’t normally play it on television. You might play it at some schools, and other schools might have tackle football. My favorite team on the NFL is the Pittsburgh Steelers as I may have mentioned in the ABOUT tab. In the NFL there area about 32 teams that play. Of course there are a lot of injuries that happen. In order to win, you have to score points, and that is called a touchdown. A touchdown is worth 7 points.


 The whole field length is about 100 ft long. You get 3 chances to go 10 yards. Some times if you are only 2 yards away, your coach or your quarterback can decide if they want to go for the first down. The quarterback is the one that recieves the football, and throws or hands it to someone. There are people that will play on offense, and others that will play on defense. If you play on offense, you will try to make your way towards the touchdown zone. If you are defense, then you will try to stop the other team from scoring pooints.  For those of you that don’t know, there is something called a Super Bowl. In order to play in the Super Bowl, you have to qualify. If you qualify, you have to play against the other teams that qulify. If you loose, you don’t get another chance to try and be in the super bowl until next year.


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