Basketball is a very easy game to play (sometimes). It can be very simple to some people, and hard to others. In my opinion, I think it is in between hard and easy. Some of the equipment that you will need is basketball shoes, a jersey, and maybe some sweat bands. The sweat bands are optional, you don’t really expect to have them or expect to wear them. Basketball has 4 quarters that each last 10 through 12 minutes long. There is something called overtime which is if the game is tied, they keep playing until the first team scores a point. Each basket that is scored is worth 2 points. There are also a three pointer shot that you can make. There are thirty teams in  the NBA total. If you were wondering what the NBA stands for, it stands for the National Basketball Association.

There are two teams that play each other like in football, and in soccer. They are sometimes played in a gymnasium, or sometimes outside. Sometimes the shoes that they wear are very squeaky, and can really annoy you. There are 5 players on each of the team that is playing at a time. Some of the schools that some may attend have a basketball team, others don’t. Most high schools or maybe all the high schools have a basketball team, middle school has some at some schools, and at elementary school, you don’t really have a school team. At my school, we have an upper school, and a middle school, both boys and girls. It is a really fun sport to do, and if you like running and shooting basketball hoops, then it will be a great sport to play. James Naismith had invented basketball in December of 1891. If you want some more facts, then go to the tab called FUN FACTS.


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